Aldehydes/Ketones Reactions:

ald01.gif (2071 bytes)

Reduction of carbonly compounds to produce primary or secondary alcohols

ald09.gif (659 bytes)

Addition of cyanide ion to carbonyl compounds to produce cyanohydrins

ald02.gif (2155 bytes)

Conversion of a carbonyl group into a dithioacetal. Then the dithioacetal is converted into a methylene group

ald03.gif (2007 bytes)

Addition of primary amines to carbonyl compounds to produce imines

ald04.gif (1495 bytes)

Addition of alcohol to carbonyl compound to produce acetals

ald05.gif (1615 bytes)

Addition of Grignard reagents (or organolithium reagents) to carbonyl compounds to form alcohols

ald06.gif (1680 bytes)

Reaction of carbonyls with phosphomium ylides to form alkenes (Wittig reaction)

ald07.gif (1424 bytes)

Conversion of acid chlorides to aldehydes with lithium tri-t-butoxyalminumm hydride

ald08.gif (1405 bytes)

Conversion of acid chlorides to ketones using lithium dialkylcuprates


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