Alkene Reactions: 

alk07.gif (471 bytes)

Creates a vicinal halide (anti addition)

alk08.gif (422 bytes)

syn addition

alk09.gif (473 bytes)

Creates an alkyl halide following Markovnikov's rule.

alk10.gif (521 bytes)

Creates a Markovnikov alcohol

alk01.gif (3139 bytes)

Creates an anti-Markovnikov alcohol

alk02.gif (1694 bytes)

Alkenes react with peracides to form epoxodies/oxiranes through a syn addition.

alk03.gif (1705 bytes)

Yields two carbonyl compounds.

alk04.gif (1289 bytes)

React with cold potassium permanganate to form vicinal diols through a syn addition.

alk05.gif (1314 bytes)

Eliminates water to form the most stable alkene (use Zaitsev's rule)

alk06.gif (1287 bytes)

Eliminates HX to form the most stable alkene (anti elimination) (use Zaitsev's rule)


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